My favourite activities are the literacy activities cause it’s a good reminder of how we are supposed to be positive. This is the best course I ever took. The atmosphere is so uplifting. The program is always a good reminder of positive things we should look at.

This program has made me a better person in so many ways and especially emotionally! From the day I step out of this program my goal will be to carry and pass on the things that I have learned for the rest of my life.

Who we are

Ilitaqsiniq - Nunavut Literacy Council was founded in 1999, branching off from the NWT Literacy Council when Nunavut was established as a territory. Ilitaqsiniq promotes and supports literacy initiatives in the official languages of Nunavut with respect for the principals of community capacity building and development.

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What we do

Non-formal training

Workplace Education

Children’s resources

Community based research

Our Projects


The Atatittiniq Project sought to build knowledge about the links between language acquisition and literacy development in order to create a solid base for program and policy development.

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Miqqut Project

The Miqqut Project is testing the idea of embedding literacy development in non-formal cultural programs, in this case sewing. Such programs are regularly offered in many Nunavut communities yet little is known of their impact and best means of execution.

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Northern Men’s Research Project

The purpose of this community-based research project was to create space for dialogue about northern indigenous men’s experiences with learning and work.

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