About Us

About Ilitaqsiniq – Nunavut Literacy Council

Ilitaqsiniq - Nunavut Literacy Council was founded in 1999, branching off from the NWT Literacy Council when Nunavut was established as a territory. Ilitaqsiniq promotes and supports literacy initiatives in the official languages of Nunavut with respect for the principals of community capacity building and development.

The work of Ilitaqsiniq includes:

  • Conducting community-based research into literacy, language and learning in Nunavut.

  • Developing bilingual resources for families, schools and adult learning programs.

  • Working with community groups to build the necessary skills to deliver local projects

  • Advising governments on literacy and language-related issues. Our work informs public policy.

  • Promoting literacy in Nunavut through the celebration of Nunavut Literacy Week, National Family Literacy Day and Inuktitut Uqauttin Week.

Our members include adult educators, literacy practitioners, Government of Nunavut departments and policy makers, non-profit organizations, schools, libraries, and individuals. 

Ilitaqsiniq has developed partnerships with Nunavut Arctic College, Department of Education, Department of Culture, Language, Elders and Youth, employers, daycares, Aboriginal Head Start programs, libraries, the Regional Inuit Associations, and schools.

Ilitaqsiniq currently has five staff members who are based in Cambridge Bay, Rankin Inlet and Ottawa.

We are incorporated under the Nunavut Societies Act #SOC 1442. Charitable Organization Registration number is #89084 2123 RC0001.