What is community-based research?

Community-based research is based on the following principles:

  • Community partnership and involvement
  • Questions and answers that are meaningful to communities
  • An empowering research process that respects and incorporates community values
  • Researchers who live in the communities and have personal experience with the issues being researched
  • Positive experience for research participants
  • Ongoing communication and dialogue with community members, from initial research design through the presentation and application of findings
  • Findings that support well-informed action

Research Team

Many of Ilitaqsiniq’s research team members were raised in Nunavut and are fluent in Inuktitut and English, while others are long-term northerners. These individuals are embedded in communities, understand the issues, and are situated to transform knowledge to action because they truly understand the context in which they live and work.

Some of the team’s research publications include:

Tulloch, Shelley, Quluaq Pilakapsi, Gloria Uluqsi, Adriana Kusugak, Cayla Chenier, Anna Ziegler and Kim Crockatt. Impacts of Non-Formal, Culturally-Based Learning Programs in Nunavut. In Linguistic and Cultural Encounters in the Arctic. Essays in memory of Susan Sammons. Quebec City: CIERA (2012)

Griebel, Brendan and Ted Strauss. The Inuinnait Art of Drum Dancing. The Kitikmeot Heritage Society (in review).        

Tulloch, Shelley. Langue et Identité: Perspectives des Inuits. Langues et Linguistique. Numéro spécial JDL: 95-102.1 (2011)

Griebel, Brendan. Working in Research:  A Community Guide to Understanding and Participating in Research Programs. Nunavut Arctic College (2011)

Tulloch, Shelley, Quluaq Pilakapsi, Monica Shouldice, Kim Crockatt, Cayla Chenier and Janet Onalik. Role Models’ Perspectives on Sustaining Bilingualism in Nunavut. Etudes Inuit Studies 31(1-2) (2009)

Tulloch, Shelley. Building a Strong Foundation: Considerations to Support Thriving Bilingualism in Nunavut. Nunavut Literacy Council (2009)

Crockatt, Kim, Suzanne Smythe. Building Culture and Community: Family and Community Literacy Partnerships in  Canada’s North: Case Studies in TESOL Practices Series. Edited by Elsa Auerbach. Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Inc. (2002)