What we do

Research mandate

The research mandate of Ilitaqsiniq-NLC is focused on three areas

Literacy and language

Ilitaqsiniq-NLC has done considerable research over the last few years into the links between first language acquisition and literacy development. Studies have shown that a strong foundation in an individual’s mother tongue best supports the development of advanced language skills later in life.


Ilitaqsiniq research has identified low literacy levels as a barrier to employment for many Nunavut youth. We continue to research ways to engage youth in learning and literacy development. Embedding literacy development in non-formal settings holds great promise.


Ilitaqsiniq-NLC has partnered with NWT Literacy Council to conduct research into workplace and workforce literacy. This grew out of increasing demand on the literacy councils to provide resources to educators, governments, and businesses on literacy and basic skills in the workplace. We are now exploring the best ways to deliver workplace education in the Nunavut context.


Community-based research is based on the following principles:

Research Team

Many of Ilitaqsiniq’s research team members were raised in Nunavut and are fluent in Inuktitut and English, while others are long-term northerners. These individuals are embedded in communities, understand the issues, and are situated to transform knowledge to action because they truly understand the context in which they live and work.