Program Catalogue

Ilitaqsiniq’s Inu-vative programs deliver quality, holistic learning opportunities relevant to today’s Inuit. Building on what Inuit have always known to be true, our programs apply traditional skills to contemporary life and empower Inuit with the agency to be strong participants in an evolving society. Pride in our culture and identity is a core element of Ilitaqsiniq programs.

All programs are tailored to community needs and delivered in partnership with a range of committed funders and community champions.

Program Categories

Pathways for Inuit Empowerment

Programs to deepen knowledge and appreciation of Inuit history while teaching ways to revitalize Inuit culture.

Early Learning & Engaged Caregiving

A range of initiatives for Inuit children, youth, parents and caregivers that support skill development alongside Inuit societal values.

On-the-land Programs

Our proven on-the-land programs prepare participants for survival and navigation in the Arctic in all seasons.

Food & Harvesting Programs

We teach the next generation of Inuit harvesters culture-based methods of harvesting and preserving food both safely and sustainably.

Sewing & Cultural Industries

Programs to prepare, design and construct garments necessary to keep families and communities safe, warm and fashionable during all seasons, and to engage in artistic and creative pursuits.

Work Readiness, Employment & Economic Development

For those taking the next steps towards employment, we offer general work readiness programs, employment skills development and coaching in what it takes to start a business.

What do you need?

We tailor our programs to community needs: by length, number of participants, and target demographic. Please reach out if you are interested in bringing one of our workshops or programs to your community, and we will work with you to make it happen!

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