Pathways for Inuit Empowerment

Programs to deepen knowledge and appreciation of Inuit history while teaching ways to revitalize Inuit culture.

These programs ground participants in Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and show how these principles apply to Inuit life and work. There are opportunities to deepen knowledge and appreciation of Inuit history and learn how to contribute to the revitalization of Inuit culture.

Inuit History Workshops

A workshop that lays out the timeline of the Inuit experience. It is of interest to Inuit, as well as to newcomers and policy makers who want to further their understanding of Inuit and our way of life.

2 days
8-15 participants
Open to all
  All seasons

Pilimaksaijuliriniq – A Train-the-Trainer Program

This program provides front-line workers and community champions with a holistic approach integrated with Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit values to develop their own non-formal cultural programs with embedded literacy, language and essential skills.

5 days
10-15 participants
Open to all
Available all seasons

Atuqtuatsiarniq Iglulirijikkutnit – Tenant Education Program

A brand-new program offered in partnership with Nunavut Housing Corporation, it supports Nunavut public housing tenants to feel empowered along their tenancy journey.

5 days
8-12 participants
Open to public housing tenants or those on the waiting list
Available all seasons