Sewing & Cultural Industries

Programs to prepare, design and construct garments necessary to keep families and communities safe, warm and fashionable during all seasons, and to engage in artistic and creative pursuits.

We offer instructions in both traditional and modern sewing skills, adaptable to participants’ different skill levels. Participants may also focus on ways to potentially make an income.

Ilitaqsiniq has successfully mentored, showcased and promoted Inuit artists in regional, territorial and national events. We offer wrap-around support to past participants or others who are affiliated with our programs, so they are able to participate fully in the Kivalliq Trade Show, the Nunavut Trade Show and the Northern Lights Trade Show. Artists are often able to attend trade show workshops on how to develop and further their business. 


Supported by skilled Elder instructors, participants of our flagship Miqqut program develop skills in traditional and contemporary Inuit sewing. The program uses meaningful cultural content to engage and support participants to build literacy, language and other essential skills. These well-established programs support individuals who are new to sewing and seamstress work. Participants of the program also take part in literacy and essential skill activities and create a portfolio of their work and teachings. Additionally, confidence building, mental health and wellness activities are incorporated to share stress management and coping mechanisms.

The work benefits participants and their families and are often showcased and celebrated at fashion shows open to community members. The program also prepares participants for employment or higher-level education and training.

4 months
8-15 participants
Open to all

Mini Miqqut

A scaled down and specific version of the Miqqut program, the Mini Miqqut program focuses on one garment design and creation, typically a japa (parka). This program is for participants who are new to sewing or want to advance their skills in specific areas (making pockets, sewing in zippers, etc.)

5 days
6-8 participants
Open to all

Amausiuqtitsiniq/ Amausiurniq (Amauti Creation)

This program teaches participants how to sew an amauti from conception to completion. Participants work with Elder instructors and local seamstresses to create a design, develop a pattern, determine materials and sew it all together. Participants of the program learn the vocabulary and terminology of each pattern piece of the amauti in Inuktitut. Also explored are the various styles and patterns of amautiit from across the Arctic.

10 -15 days
6-8 participants
Open to all


This program is designed for women who are already established as seamstresses and run their own small businesses. It shares knowledge in pattern making skills to support efficiency and production. Drafting basic block patterns, grading all size ranges is taught along with providing efficiency, consistency, productivity within their pattern organizational skills. Nunavut sensation Victoria Kakuktinniq, along with Amy Aingidlik of Tavvi and Ilitaqsiniq staff, teaches participants modern measuring techniques, pattern development and adjusting patterns to different sizes (grading). Participants are informed of business development supports, marketing and advertising and discuss how to balance an at-home business with life. Entrepreneurial experts are invited to present on funding for business development, opportunities for networking, showcasing and selling products and arts and craft support that will directly support and benefit the participants of the program.

5 days
6-8 participants
Open to established seamstresses

Qisiliriniq (Seal Skin Preparation)

The objective of this program is to develop the traditional and modern skills for processing seal skins. Seal skin preparation and processing was an essential part of life for Inuit and through colonization many families have lost these important skills to provide for their families. This program is an opportunity to bring back a resurgence of these specific skills.

10 days
5-8 participants
Open to all

Qittiriniq amma Kammigiuqsaniq (Seal skin prep & Kamik Making)

This program demonstrates both the traditional and modern skills for processing seal skins to prepare them for kamik making. Participants will go through all steps and stages of preparing the skins and learning the multiple intricacies of designing and sewing the kamik. The participants will be able to bring home the tools they used in the program, so that they can continue their learning at home and with their family.

5 weeks
6-8 participants
Open to all

Sewing Ourselves Together

Aimed at for survivors of crime, this program incorporates a stronger focus on healing and Inuit empowerment than our regular programs. Participants take part in learning how to sew a japa (parka) as well as more intentional healing activities.

5 days
8-10 participants
Open to survivors of crime
  Available all seasons